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CMPD shooting protest

At 6:32am EDT on September 21, 2016, I emailed the following to a good friend in law enforcement down in Greater New Orleans, “I woke up this morning to the 5am local news to see Charlotte’s I-85 shut down by protesters overnight in response to yet another Black man killed by (CMPD) police last night…”

At 11:43am EDT on September 22, 2016, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump while at the Shale Insight event in Pittsburgh said the following in a prepared speech, “We honor and recognize the right of all Americans to peacefully assemble, protest and demonstrate. But there is no right to engage in violent disruption, or threaten the public safety of others.”

At 3:50pm EDT on September 20, 2016, Keith Lamont Scott is shot to death by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) Officer Brentley Vinson. The departed’s daughter Lyric Scott records on Facebook Live from the Village at College Downs apartment complex scene in Northeast Charlotte University City neighborhood, where she emotionally stated the following:

“They shot my daddy cause he’s Black!”

NC Gun LawsCMPD-Lyric ScottCMPD shooting

The deadly epidemic of police involved shooting and pursuing public outrage is (N.I.M.B.Y.) Now In My Back Yard, with AFROMATION fiscally based in the Greater Charlotte NC-SC Metropolitan Area for the past seven years. My use of the NIMBY term may have some thinking that I’m saying officer involved shooting of Black men is new to me, new to America. No indeed. What’s new is the outrage over these municipal-capitol killings by Black and Whites. What’s new is the renewed method of silent protest. What’s new is how we are now discussing it on social media.

Between 8.31.16 and 9.12.16, I went on a Facebook posting and commenting spree on the trending topic ‘Colin Kaepernick’, making this the first time in my life that I first leaned of a national issue on social media. The following are examples of my interaction with Non-Americans of Color, who (two of who I served with) I like and respect.

EXCHANGE A – Me and a former Marine Corps Officer #1:

~FB Posting from me on 8.31.16, at 4:00am
BLACK LIVES MATTER? Okay, if I was to proclaim, “MIKE WOODS GRANDDAUGHTERS MATTER!” Would anybody of any race, creed or political persuasion be offended? Of course not. The worst thing they could call me would be “Grandpa Mike (Abuelo Miguel).” The verb definition of the word “Matter” is (be of importance; have significance); as in what matters to me! Hence, in my opinion, anyone who responds with condemnation to the phrase “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” is trampling all over the person who made the statement’s First Amendment (freedoms) rights to be able to proclaim what matters to them. How can a Proud-to-be-American citizen, in a country that has the words “land of the free” in its national anthem, go around dictating what should matter to fellow law-abiding Americans…
~FB Comment from Marine #1 on 8.31.16, at 8:11am
My brother Darryl, all lives matter as you well know…it is a Devine Virtue that needs no explanation. It’s as if to say, the air is free. The term Black Lives Matter, which is as self evident as the air is free, used in the current movement suggest that police as a whole and the general populace do not believe this….that I hope you agree is false….and there you have the rub and the divisiveness.
~FB Comment back from me back to him on 8.31.16, at 8:39am
What I enjoyed the most about my days in the Navy in San Diego was meeting young men and women my age from across the nation. You came up out of suburban Long island, NY I believe. I came up out of urban North Omaha, NE. You and I will always have varying perspectives on various subject matters. This is okay. This is called “diversity.”
~FB Comment back from me back to him on 8.31.16
The thing is though that we are educated men who have the ability, skills and desire to communicate and learn from one another. I will never expect you to completely understand my points of view. The beautiful thing though is that I will always respect yours, and visa versa I’m sure…
~FB Comment back from me back to him on 8.31.16
Now law enforcement, I have many friends and relatives who retired from the force. I respect all those who served and protected. But allow me to ask you this shipm8, have you ever lost a lifelong unarmed law-abiding hardworking family-man friend to police issued bullets? I have. {R.I.H. KEVIN “LaDonna Jennings-Watson” WATSON}
~FB Comment back from me back to him on 8.31.16
As a decorated officer and a gentleman, you know all about America’s role in protecting its smaller allies throughout the world. Saddam Husein roared into Kuwait in ’90 What did your Commander in Chief George HW Bush do in ’91?
~FB Comment back from me back to him on 8.31.16
Unarmed Black men are being shot and killed in epidemic proportions as policy by all colors of law enforcement. I support and lift up any organization who mission and vision is to bring an end to this madness. I believe you would to, for you have already done it as part of your leadership responsibilities in your chosen career
~FB Comment back from Marine #1 back to me on 8.31.16, at 9:32am
Darryl, thank you for your reply. Gratefully, I have never lost an unarmed friend due to excessive police force. I see these episodes on TV, and although in some instances deadly force is necessary, there are times when an alternate course should have been taken; it is evident in those instances the egoic mind has consumed these officers to do horrific things. These officers should be punished! Additionally, as a white male I cannot comprehend the anxiety and fear a black male feels or a black father experiences raising a son. Subsequently, to a great degree I have no right to an opinion. What I choose to believe, which may be anecdotal, is that with over 800,000 men in women in blue, there will be rouge officers that do horrific things. However, the vast majority are good people whose calling is to serve the public. It was no different in the Armed Forces; that’s why I joined the Corps….we were all GREEN! Love you brother!
~FB Comment from me back to him on 8.31.16, at 9:40am
One last thought Mark Rubino, you do and will always have the right to your opinion on any subject matter. We are just comparing life notes, is all. Amen!

EXCHANGE B – Me and my personal Facebook account Friends:

~FB Posting from me on 9.7.16, at 10:50pm
I’M READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! Being a lifelong RAIDERS fan, I always root AGAINST the other 3 AFC West teams: Broncos, Chargers & Chiefs. Also, I am over the reigning league MVP’s “????” performance in Super Bowl 50. I realize the NFL is an entertainment empire first, pro sports league second. Thursday night, BEAT BRONCOS! Now, the 800 lb AFRO in the room belonging to Colin Kaepernick? Below is a link to blog I just published ( “THE KAEPERNICK FB THREAD: FADE TO BLACK” ), that was inspired by a Facebook Friend’s Sept 2nd status update thread that started out being about the Pledge of Allegiance; and ended up being about Mr. Kaepernick. In the 12th hour of a 14-hour long group discussion, a “Liberal” American male of European descent FB Member joined in and went counterclockwise on US. I recently asked a FB Friend to define what “Liberal” means in 2016? Her response was, “A Hillary Supporter.” Okay… Well, let’s get to the kickoff one mile high. I’M READY TO BE ENTERTAINED!

~FB Posting from me on 9.8.16, at 12:57pm
After my “LITERAL” Sept 2nd cyber encounter with the “LIBERAL” man who crashed my FB Friends thread full of professional women of color with disdain and disrespect (as you will read in the above blog link), I now realize one major cause & effect on African Americans during the Obama Administration(s). Liberal AmericaBlack Democratic Americans are no longer considered or referred to as LIBERAL. They’re considered “OBAMA AMERICANS,” or something like that, in my opinion. I say “they” because I’m not a card carrying member of any political party; not even the Independents. Now there’s nothing wrong with being an OBAMA AMERICAN. My whole point is that I now believe I know why so many Left leaning non-People of Color are having such a problem with the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. There been split…

~FB Posting from me on 9.8.16, at 4:12pm
Obama on TrayvonNow how and when, in my constitutionally protected opinion, did Liberal America kick Black America out? Could the seeds have been sown on July 19, 2013, when President Obama first spoke out about the Trayvon Martin killing; a move that many say directly led to the #BlackLivesMatterMovement??

EXCHANGE C – Me and a former Marine Corps Officer #2:

~FB Post from him on 9.12.16, Monday evening
TONIGHT, ESPN will air the 49ers vs Rams. Colin Kaepernick has vowed to sit during the National Anthem again, even in the remembrance of 9/11. That’s his right, and we have the right not to watch this disgraceful BS. Who will join in choosing not to watch the game to show the NFL and TV networks that we will not stand for this behavior?

~FB Comment from me on 9.14.16, Monday evening one hour later
I’ll join you, and I support CK. Think about it. If the entire nation joined us, we’d be helping his protest. NFL is not a professionally “sports” league. It’s a professionally “entertainment” league. Big money being generationg{sp} by a league whose entertainers are approx 75% my complextion{sp}. If the advertisers find out ain’t nobody watching, police killing of unarmed men who look like me would halt! So, I’m with you. I’ve shared my motives. Let’s spread this. If you go to my wall, you’ll see where last week I threantened{sp} to do what you’re calling for now. I’m posting this from South Carolina (suburban Charlotte), a state where they protested and took a stand to British tyrany{sp} (killings of unarmed men who look like you) approx 250 years ago. Today, what do we call those who protested and stood up back then? Patriots! Well, I have a bunch of South Park episodes on my DVR. They crack me up. I’ll watch then for the the next four hours. I’m in!!

EXCHANGE D – Me and a Jefferson Parish (LA) Sheriff’s Office official:

~Text message (reply to my “I AM COLIN KAEPERNICK“) from him on 9.12.16 at 5:45pm
…I like the 49ers, but I don’t like him.

~Text response from me on 9.12.16 at 8:39pm
I’m CK, not because of whar{sp} he’s protesting Colonel, rather the ave(nue) he’s chosen to protest; the Natl Anthem. I’m a direct descendant of Louisiana ‘Woods’ slaves. I’m not down for ANY anthem, book, code, law written before the 1865 ratification of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery…

anthemSemper FiKaepernickMNF Sit-out

Today, on the 9.22.16 edition of Fox & Friends, while clarifying his recently proposed ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Policy for Chicago, Donald Trump said:

“It’s very divided, our country… It just seems that there’s a lack of spirit between the white and the black… There’s a lack of spirit. There’s a lack of something, something’s going on that’s bad and what’s going on between police and others is getting worse.”

Something bad going on? Mr. Trump, as they say down in New Orleans, “You got that right!” However, on the subject of Black & White spirit, I submit my above conversational transcripts to show that if there is mutual respect, mutual good spirit is always attainable; e.g., good spirit.

I served in the Navy back in the early 80s with both men who went on to become Marine Corps officers; and I’m very proud of both of them. My Marine #1 FB thread ended with brotherly love. My interaction with the second Marine touched me as well. Prior to commenting on Marine #2’s FB wall, I was saying to myself, “Don’t do it M.D. Woods, don’t do it, don’t do it!” I couldn’t stop myself and posted my comment that started off with, “I’ll join you, and I support CK (Colin Kaepernick)…”

He made three key points on his response to me:

  1. Colin Kaepernick has the right to not stand for the National Anthem.

  2. Marine #2 has the right to show his displeasure by voting with his dollar.

  3. His last words were, “I love you brother.”

I immediately replied to Marine #2 with, “I love you too man.” He then replied back with an image of a Marine saluting while facing away. And finally, I replied back with, “I stand with you.”

I did “Sit-Out” the Rams-49ers MNF game, in solidarity with my fellow veterans; instead, watching South Park’s 20th season premier. If I thought the cartoon was going to take my mind off the national anthem, Comedy Central had another thing coming for me. It turned out that the Season 20, Episode 1 “Member Berries” was all about the National Anthem protest, lol! I was amazed at how current Team South Park was.

Okay, it’s now NFL Week Two, and in a rarity in the Charlotte TV market my beloved Oakland Raiders are playing, the opponent being the Atlanta Falcons. I’m feeling good. The Raiders were looking good. Then, with about six minutes left in the First Quarter, a car ad commercial ran using the word “Respect” nine times. WTF!

GenesisUSA “Respect Anthem” Transcript













Introducing Genesis



In June ’15, this multinational corporation founded by Chung Ju-yung in ’47, replaced General Motors as the top automaker sponsor of America pro football by signing a four-year deal with the NFL.

“We are huge football fans at Hyundai and feel there is no better venue to reach consumers, increase consideration and tell the Hyundai brand story,” Hyundai Motor America CEO Dave Zuchowski said in the statement. “We can’t wait to show the NFL’s 188 million fans the great design, advanced technologies, dynamic performance and numerous safety features within the Hyundai lineup.”

Well, maybe I am just 1:188,000,000, who was appalled at the commercial. A South Korean corporation’s multi-million dollar ad campaign, in my opinion, is responding to Colin Kaepernick and all like-minded Americans for “dis-respecting” the American sporting “tradition” of the National Anthem. Can you say subliminal messaging on steroids? Show me the Hyundai Genesis 80’s advance technologies. Please don’t school, scold or shame law-abiding Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights to peacefully dissent! This ain’t South or North Korea.

Kaepernick FeveranthemTCP

Today, I really feel my Marine #2 friend who was moved to vote with his dollar during the Rams-49ers MNF game last week; for I now have a bad taste in my mouth for the NFL and Hyundai. It’s all good though. It’s all American; the land of the free and home of the brave. We all have rights. And, just because I do have a bad taste, it doesn’t mean I need to bad mouth an automaker or professional entertainment-sporting league. Besides, in the United States of America, it is illegal discriminate against a person/group because their message is offensive; e.g., Ku Klux Klan or Colin Kaepernick.

Maybe I’m looking at this with two too sensitive eyes. Maybe when Hyundai says, “WE RESPECT LIVES IN ALL FORMS, AND BELIEVE IT SHOULD BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS,” they are referring to #BlackLivesMatter. Maybe not, for the above “Respect Anthem” clip appears to have been uploaded to GenesisUSA’s YouTube account on 9.9.16, by Hyundai. There it is! However, in Lincoln there is no mistaking what the University of Nebraska is saying in response to this growing nationwide peaceful protest against the police killings of Black men, that has reached and touched their storied football program:

“It’s a free country. They don’t have to play football for the university either…They know better, and they had better be kicked off the team. They won’t take the risk to exhibit their free speech in a way that places their circumstance in jeopardy, so let them get out of uniform and do their protesting on somebody else’s nickel.”

-U. of Nebraska Regent (former Omaha Mayor & NE 2nd District Congressman) Hal Daub

Anyways, speaking of brave, right now the bravest man I know is Colin Kaepernick. How many of us would essentially torpedo millions in future NFL earnings to stand up for what you believe. He, too, is voting with is wallet.

Okay, alright, it’s gonna be like this now. Hmm. well, later on that Sunday afternoon, I watched a DVR recording of the San Francisco 49ers 47-26 loss to the Carolina Panthers at Bank America Stadium in Uptown Charlotte. A few days later, posted, “Poll: Niners QB Colin Kaepernick most disliked player in league,” ranking him ahead of TIME KaepetrnickJameis Winston, Ndamukong Suh, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger.

Niners coach Chip Kelly told reporters on August 27, 2016, that Kaepernick’s decision not to stand during the national anthem is “his right as a citizen” and said “it’s not my right to tell him not to do something.”

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” Now is it just me, or are you all also reminded of Muhammad Ali’s comments and protests of the War in Vietnam after reading the 49ers QB’s quotes? Another brave American.

Two days after the Mr. Kaepernick and the 49ers flew out of CLT back to SFO this past Sunday, what he was peacefully and silently pretesting happens again, then again. This time the War on Black Men in America is publically Now In My Back Yard of Tulsa (Terence Crutcher, killed 9/16 by TPD) and Charlotte (Keith Lamont Scott, killed 9/20 by CMPD). Damn. Damn!



Tulsa shootingBRPDFalcon HeightsCMPD shooting protest

In summation, what does the current Hyundai Genesis NFL ad campaign, the recent social media interaction with my old Navy shipmates and Roger Snowden’s trollish-like literary assault on the Facebook wall of a Friend of mine all have in coming? (Subliminal, brotherly and lack of) R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Myself, for the past ten or so years, I’ve been muting the television during the traditional pre-game signing of the National Anthem. I never really thought about why it affected me in that way. Today, I know. Nevertheless, if I’m blessed to check another item off my bucket list by attending one more Raiders game in person at the Oakland Alameda County Stadium, I will stand for the National Anthem. I stand with my shipmates and all veterans. Why do I stand? To show support for those who serve(d), protect(ed) and dissent(ed). I stand so Colin Kaepernick and the entire Indiana Fever basketball team can kneel. Why do I mute from home? That’s my right. That’s my issue. That’s my pain. Thank God I live in America. With a mind like mine, I definitely would have been rounded up Argentina style and marched into a football stadium decades ago. Okay, now, what are we going to do about the killing of boys and men who look like me?

It’s currently 9:53pm EDT on September 22, 2016, and I’m watching CNN’s AC360. Anderson Cooper just asked CNN correspondent Boris Sanchez, “…do the protesters, are they aware of this curfew that’s going to take place in about two hours?” Mr. Sanchez, being the professional that he is, is thoroughly answering the question while walking backwards among the people of Charlotte. Two minutes later, a large Black man passes Sanchez, and turns back into the camera shot to simply show off a logo on his t-shirt. Anderson Cooper blurts out, “Ah, Boris, I’m worried about you walking backwards. You’re doing it very well, but I’m worried about you.” After ten seconds of air time, the large Black man turns back forward and walks ahead along with everyone else, while Mr. Sanchez simultaneously tells Anderson Cooper, “We’ve got guys that are watching my back.” Why does this fear of a Black man sound so familiar?


Now In My Back Yard. Whose backyard, interstate, business district, stadium will this deadly epidemic land in tomorrow? Stop killing us! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


Blessings & Peace,
M.D. Woods, Founder


#IamColinKaepernick ~ #OneCharlotte ~ #Afromation