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During the fall of ’09, Afromation founder M.D. Woods began sharing his independent Katrina Response research findings with other authors, journalists, researchers and scholars; quickly realizing how far ahead he was of the established pack. From that point forward, Woods was encouraged, inspired and motivated to see The Contraflow Project to fruition.

With literary projects and theatrical productions inevitable, he visualized a future funding pipeline for the Afromation Foundation; supporting projects, programs and philanthropy for people of color well into the Post-Obama Era.

We are anticipating one more year of manuscript and screenwriting development. To help ensure our completions, we have launched a summer ’16 fundraising drive. Please click the images to learn more about our us. If you’d like to support our New Orleans projects (that will in-turn support the Afromation Foundation for years to come), see below. Thank you.


AFROMATION “Too Much History For Just One Month” (1994-2018), and beyond into the Post-Obama America Era…



Click our PayPal “Donate” button to support AFROMATION. Or, you can send a check or money order made out to “Contraflow Inc.” (write “FOA” in payment memo section). All financial donations are tax deductible. Thank you.

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