The Enslaved

August 17, 2023


In the decades prior to me learning about all the many, many, many accomplishments of my (our) people, I was “just” an American. Since I self-taught myself my (our) Black History in the early 1990s up in Seattle, Washington, it has been an amazing time for me being Black in America with my head hung a little higher, with more pep in my step.


Today, in Post-Obama 2023, the amazement has not changed for me. However, the definition of “Black History” seems to be, or has changed. Yesterday, I documented the “No-Benefits-To-Slavery” Protest organized by Florida International U. Prof Emeritus Dr. Marvin Dunn, a local Black Miami historian extraordinaire.

Dunn ProtestDunn ProtestRoots

Below is a link to a short 0:02:25 NBC 6 News Miami piece, which includes Dr. Marvin Dunn’s interview, who shares his thoughts between 0:01:47 and 0:02:03. For those who did not already recognize him in the above photo, Dr. Dunn is standing strongly and proudly next to invited speaking guest Tennessee State Representative Justin Pearson.


So, to help me stay current in my Afromation American ways, please watch the short link when/if you have time, and then share with me your brief thoughts on what you watched, including Historian Marvin Dunn’s stance on Black History. In my independent research methodology, there is no wrong answer. There’s only your answers, which in my beautiful mind, will always be invaluable.


Wed, Aug 16, 2023 interview on WTVJ-Miami NBC 6 News at Noon

Florida International U. Prof Emeritus Dr. Marvin Dunn, “I don’t care if they mention Booker T. Washington, Mary…McLeod Bethune. What about the context in which these people lived? What about the violence and exploitation they were subjected to? So, telling us who the Black heroes were, who invented this and who and invented that. That’s meaningless in this day and age.”


Your survey response will help me measure where Black America is today, 29 years after I(we) launched the Afromation Movement to Integrate American History at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in the Central District of Seattle on March 26, 1994. Me personally, I exchange ideas. It is not my mission to judge, nor dictate what I believe on others. It is my role to document what America(ns) believes, then think on it, then share the outcomes of my thoughts. Thank you.

Blessings & Peace


— M. Darryl Woods

Afromation 1994