The Five Days

Thanks for the well wishes Dr. J. You’re very kind-niceness. I appreciate you. Last week you asked for my opinion on Katrina Babies, and I went on and on about this and that. Well, I still have not watched Babies, but last night I did sign up for Apple TV+. And low and behold, there it was. Five Days at Memorial, a Katrina limited streaming series. WTH! It just snuck right up on me. I knew about the book by Sheri Fink. But I heard no advance TV streaming promotion, nor has anyone asked me what I thought about it. I can no longer say that Hollywood has yet to do a Katrina miniseries.

So…after Five Days binging through the first six out of seven episodes early this morning, I found no heroes in this film. Definitely, no white heroes. Although, there is a scene in Episode Six where an investigator from LA AG Foti’s Office tells this Black nurse who airlifted out with an incubated brand new baby that she was a, “hero.” That was it in this dramatic story of mass euthanasia set in an Uptown New Orleans hospital. The seventh and final episode airs September 9th. I’m looking forward to seeing how they close the series out.

Hollywood has shown their cards. This is good for The Contraflow Project, and my personal aspirations for completing the mission and telling the stories of Katarina, and post-Katrina New Orleans. I look forward to sharing my thoughts orally and/or electronically with the good Dr. J. one day soon. I’m feeling brilliant, creative and fabulous!

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