Just Scratching the Surface

Lord, you are the Maker, Creator, and Perfecter of all things. You made us in your image, and you wove in us the desire and ability to create and design as architects, helping to shape our world into a more equitable, functional, and beautiful place.

May we start our days seeking you rather than fretting about pressing deadlines. What is your vision for our work in this day? The designs we develop and the insights that we glean from research, drawing, modeling, and prototyping do not come from our own genius but spring from you.

Lord, as the day wears on, we ask for joy, patience, and focus as we persevere in our classes and design studios. Remind us that our work is for your glory and not simply for the (dis)pleasure of our critics. When we do receive critique, help us to listen with humility and discern what is helpful. Encourage us when we find ourselves without inspiration, and help us to learn from our past iterations as we create new ones.

In the evening, Lord, we ask for extra grace for ourselves and for those around us. When we feel pressured to push beyond our limits, remind us that you give us rest as a gift, a reminder of our own humanity and of your sovereignty. HardMay we rejoice in the knowledge that you, our Creator God, are always at work, even while we sleep. We ask that you give us the rest we need to be refreshed, to continue in our design work in the days to come.

In Jesus name we pray,